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Dell usb mouse drivers

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Click OK Click Windows Update Scroll way down to the bottom [Click Advanced Options] There are possibly 3 options Change them all to the max number of days days for top option 30 days for security updates option Pause updates slider bar to turn it on Reboot As a side note, I only paused updates for 35 days, since I will likely be fixed by Microsoft in that time. The issue is definitely KB or at least the initial version of this patch that went in on or around 14th February, I think another version went in around 16th to 18th as presumably MS realised what a clusterf ck they had created. Hopefully they push an update that fixes this mess. I've tried manually assigning the correct driver to the USB Receiver based on the drivers installed when the mouse is plugged into another PC, but the problem still persists. Any idea what's wrong over here? If you have another PC on the same network ie connected to the same router or switch , which isn't suffering from the same issues, then it may be possible to use remote desktop and log into the faulty PC and apply the fixes I mentioned above. When the machine restored the keyboard and mouse were back in again and all was well. Best Answer. BUT if the user moves the mouse or KB to another port we would have to do the manual install again. If we unplug the mouse or keyboard and plug it in it appears to install BUT they do not. It essentially cleans all drivers for any device attached to the USB port previously. Part 3. We had a group of PCs that rebooted today and lost KB and mouse. Mouse and KB both worked, rebooted machine and everything was find after that.


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