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Sonic lost world wisp themes

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Without Boundaries: Mother Wisp Yacker. Zazz is the boss of Windy Hill and the player encounters him in the end of Zone 2 and Zone 4. Zone 1 is set in an area similar to Windy Hill in aesthetics and design, but set in the sky with some noticeable differences, such as pink versions of the Caterkiller that burrow through planetoids and waterfalls. Tails in Sky Road. Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack. These stars will fall down to the ground, which the player should avoid. With enough tokens in front of a gate, the player is able to access one of the pinball tables in the Zone. There are plenty of rings and extra lives to collect, so a Lightning Shield is recommended for this Zone. The area is best suited for Speed Type characters. It is essentially a zone high above the skies where ancient ruins and floating platforms are located. Full of planetoids, big and small, with a choice to go around the tubular planetoids, Zone 1 has many alternate pathways, whether the player wants to go through the Zone as quickly as possible, or if the player wants to search for the Red Star Rings scattered throughout the level. However, the tables turn for Sonic halfway through the chase, and Sonic will be chased by Zazz.


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