In, four honorably discharged gay veterans formed the Veterans Benevolent Association, the first suc

If the veteran has either a service-connected injury or illness, at least two years of active-duty service, or has received at least one Honorable discharge they will be able to enroll in the VA health care system. Jobs are harder to get because background checks highlight an undesirable military discharge.

A dishonorable discharge DD is handed down for an offense the military considers the most reprehensible conduct. Also, please keep the number of questions in each submission to a limit of 3. The service member or his or her next of kin if the service member is deceased must submit evidence for error, impropriety or inequity in discharge.

Its statistics show that last year, 4, service members received other-than-honorable discharges, received bad conduct discharges and were dishonorably discharged.

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  • Retrieved November 3, They wrote that the strong degree of anti-gay sentiment found among entering cadets declined somewhat during their time at the service academies: "Surprisingly, military culture appears to have made cadets more tolerant of gays and lesbians, not less.
  • November 10, A same-sex marriage must be documented by a marriage certificate that establishes that the marriage was valid where it was celebrated.
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  • Homosexuals and the U. NBC News.
  • President Harry S.
  • March 26,

Stars and Stripes. Charles C. United States Department of Defense. In she won the right to reenter the service, but in the military once again challenged the decision. Phillips ordered the military on October 12, , to suspend and discontinue any investigation or discharge, separation, or other proceeding that began under DADT.

Los Angeles Times.

In, four honorably discharged gay veterans formed the Veterans Benevolent Association, the first suc
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