Join Facebook to connect with Gay and others you may know

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Most popular. A new study from the Open University basically says the reason you can't quit Facebook is because it lets you hate all of your friends. Let friends in your social network know what you are reading about. I never thought my life would be one of the ones ruined by Facebook putting a harrowing ex into "people you may know" but here we are.

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  • Why Facebook's 'People You May Know' makes some weird suggestions Facebook's friends algorithm suggested a user's landlady, even though they have no friends in common and she's not in the user's contacts.
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  • Facebook says a few other common theories about what drives People You May Know either no longer apply or never have.
  • On Wednesday a Facebook spokesman confirmed to the Guardian that it was not using location data, with the same statement as supplied to Fusion.

Post a current Profile Pic. Fortunately, the process is really straightforward. Long ago stopped looking. Scott I defriended an ex today. Yes No. With most employers now doing social media checks on potential employees, you may want to shield some of this sensitive information.

Join Facebook to connect with Gay and others you may know
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