Like the shame of being gay

I'm 48 and grew up in a very small town in upstate NY. As I look back I always thought my anxiety and shameful feelings started in secondary school when the bullying happened but now I can see this went back much further. Sticking together is hard when someone is sticking the knife in your back.

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  • The final case study concerns an individual who is much more aggressive around his sexual orientation but still struggles with shame issues concerning his sexuality.
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  • He was quite feminine and sheepish on the show and talked about his bubble butt and how it embarrassed him because he couldn't fit into the costumes.
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In interviewing and observing Sam and Paul, I have realized that gay men have to balance both internal and external shame and that the gay community is not always supportive around the issue of dealing with shame.

You're an outsider, looking in at another world. On an individual level shame acts a check on our baser instincts and provides a framework that we must posses in order to function as a society, it provides a reference point that we can rebel against which is critical in order to facilitate change and creativity.

Like the shame of being gay
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