We ve heard it all before: Gay marriage will ruin the institution and sanctity of marriage, right

It doesn't. As survivors, they can even sieze a real estate property that we may have been buying together for years, quickly sell it at a huge loss and stick us with the remaining debt on a property we no longer own. Should any form of that love for one another be discouraged?

Same-sex marriage would start us down a "slippery slope" towards legalized incest, bestial marriage, polygamy and all manner of other horrible consequences.

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  • And for the naysayers I have just a few things to say: 1. In other words, this is like arguing that you should not expect legal protection from being persecuted because you are a Mormon or a Catholic; the solution to such disadvantage or persecution is simple: just become a Southern Baptist or whatever.
  • Not that there's anything new about this, of course. The reality is that every mental health association has recognized that homosexuality is a perfectly normal variation on how humans develop, and there is now a substantial body of evidence from science that there are sound reasons why it has evolved, and why it is not selected against in evolutionary pressure.
  • Many conservative religionists privately oppose gay marriage in part because it would undermine the legal basis for sodomy laws, which, even though they have been deemed unconstitutional by the U. Look at all the divorce going on.
  • People say children need both a mother and a father in order to grow up "well rounded". It also disturbs me that people can actually link 2 people wanting a loving life commitment with an act of animal abuse.
  • It is not perverted, it does not degrade human culture, it is not a threat to humankind in any way. If you allow gay people to marry each other, you no longer encourage them to marry people to whom they feel little attraction, with whom they most often cannot relate sexually, and thereby reduce the number of supposed heterosexual marriages that end up in the divorce courts.
We ve heard it all before: Gay marriage will ruin the institution and sanctity of marriage, right

They spent four years in the camps. They exchange a quick salute and walk on. Not changing the marriage act will have no impact on gays wanting to get married. The receivership is fielding offers for a multitude of items from the Central America and the recovery missions.

That way we see what Australia really wants and it cannot be changed back if australia does want gay marriage. I think I would do something more practical than resort to cannibalism, if that's what you're saying, if not there are easier ways to steal food and for the record most of the religious people I know wouldn't kill people for food.

We ve heard it all before: Gay marriage will ruin the institution and sanctity of marriage, right
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