Gay people are still hunted down

But where to hide? When it emerged, the website was designed for users to upload images and information about gay people, including their addresses. The military investigated him for a year and a half. The Canadian military banned LGBTQ people from to , and only ended its policy when a court ordered it to do so.

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  • He was the top army cadet in New Brunswick, and signed up for the CAF in at age 18, almost as soon as he graduated high school. Around the BBC.
  • We apologize. When he was off duty, he sometimes spotted a light blue Chrysler K-car, the vehicle of choice for undercover military police, following him.
  • The article included a list of names. She was in Ottawa Tuesday to hear his apology.
  • When it emerged last year, Gay Star News reported at least three men were assaulted after it surfaced. As a result, many public servants committed suicide, although the exact number of deaths is unclear.
  • Campaigners and activists say a Russian "gay propaganda" law, introduced by president Vladimir Putin in , has left the LGBTQ community living in fear.
  • Why you can trust BBC News.
gay people are still hunted down

DIN See also: Fontenelle, B. Arthur J.

Gay people are still hunted down
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