Homosexuality is also dangerous to society

While the Health 24 article suggested that homosexuals may be pushed to substance abuse and suicide because of anti-homosexual cultural and family pressures, empirical tests have shown that there is no difference in homosexual health risk depending on the level of tolerance in a particular environment.

Sarassin : Were it not for liberal thinkers who gave up limb, liberty and life in pursuit of a greater freedom, you would likely be spouting your ill-digested fundamentalist dogma in the comfort of velvet ankle, wrist and collar chains, consider that the next time you feel like demonising people on the basis of their sexuality, religious belief or social order.

BBC News. Homosexuality is promoted in movies, television, magazines, schools, etc.

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Il y a quelques semaines, le futur candidat a annoncé avoir les Au numéro 24 de la rue Emir Abdelkrim, cachée derrière son mur d'enceinte, une bâtisse se fait un peu plus discrète que les autres. À Londres, Extinction Rebellion sème la pagaille dans le métro.

Depuis , un mouvement vise à interdire dans le monde les thérapies de conversion [ 38 ].

Homosexuality is also dangerous to society
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