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  • Includes bibliographical references leaves The objective of this study was to document the prevalence and evolution of sexual prejudice toward gay men and lesbian, same-gender marriage and same-gender parenting among a large sample of Portuguese young adults.
  • Married parents also appear to remain the parental type that is the most positively stereotyped and against which other types are compared. These fears and concerns have not been substantiated by research.
  • Attitudes of professionals who work with children and families toward same-sex parenting are particularly important, as prejudice might be very harmful in these circumstances.

Interestingly, in Massey's study, it was the gender of the parent who actively intervened in discipling the child that appeared to make a difference as participants evaluated women less favourably than men. Harper, K. Norton, D. Participants completed questionnaires that assessed their reactions to the couple described in the vignette.

This investigation focused on the influence of exposure to and interaction with gay persons on heterosexual self-reported attitudes of comfort with homosexuality. Student participants did not consider that their progression had been adversely affected by reactions to their sexual orientation; however, key informants were unable to supply data on this.

Our dating site for gay guys is one of the first to specialize solely around the theme of homosexual
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