Raising a gay family can be challenging

Subscribe Issue Archive. But with no template or role models, raising a gay family can be challenging. They are putting their genitals and sex toys in areas they don't belong. December 11, That made me have issues myself, but I do am going to therapy and working on my problems.

Il en va de même pour certains homos mais pas tous

Indeed, this norm does not easily allow for adoption and new reproductive technologies, which involve a greater number of actors: gamete donors, birth parents, gestational carriers or partners of same-sex parents. En effet, ces familles rassemblent dans leur diversité des situations de désintrication de la conjugalité, la procréation, la filiation et la parenté.

Black et S. Furthermore, we cannot consider these samples to be statistically representative of same-sex parents, because such a population is difficult, if not impossible, to define clearly.

Raising a gay family can be challenging
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