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Wireless driver windows vista

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A protocol driver or an intermediate driver calls the NdisOffloadTcpReceive function to post receive requests receive buffers on an offloaded TCP connection. Releases the handle to the registry key that is associated with an adapter configuration object and then deletes the adapter configuration object. A client module's ClientCleanupBindingContext callback function performs any necessary cleanup and deallocation of the client module's binding context after the client module and a provider module have detached from one another. The NdisEqualMemory function compares a specified number of characters in one block of memory with the same number of characters in a second block of memory. The WskClientEvent event callback function notifies a WSK application about events that are not specific to a particular socket. This occurs when the opposite endpoint opened the channel or reopened it after closing it. The filter engine calls a callout's completionFn callout function whenever packet data, described by the netBufferList parameter in one of the packet injection functions, has been injected into the network stack. The eDiagnoseLevel enumeration defines the diagnosis levels for adapter hang diagnosis. The NdisFreeSharedMemory function frees shared memory that a driver allocated from a shared memory provider. Not sure if this is the right driver or software for your component? The NdisEqualString function compares two strings, in the OS-default character set, to determine whether they are equal. The FwpsNetBufferListAssociateContext1 function associates the callout driver's context with a network buffer list and configures notification for network buffer list events. Returns a pointer to the packet in a packet ring buffer at the ring buffer's NextIndex index value. Implement this optional callback function to perform cleanup on a receive buffer for which you previously specified manual fragment allocation and attachment. NDIS calls a filter driver's FilterPause function to initiate a pause operation for the specified filter module.


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